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I tell many folks that I live in two distinct (but very compatable) worlds.  One revolves around good food and its proper cooking and the other is auctions.  When I'm not in the kitchen you'll find me in an auction house.  I have been involved in aspects of the auction business in some manner most of my life.

I am a licensed Kentucky auctioneer and have been since 1991.  I am also licensed to sell in Indiana.

The first item I ever sold at auction was an old broken transmission - we were liquidating a scrap yard, I think it brought $32.00.  A few weeks ago I  sold the entire holdings of a local estate - house, contents and cars to the complete satisfaction of the heirs.

If you have the need to liquidate property - personal or commercial, with or without real estate, I'd be happy to help.  Give me a call at 502-899-9938.


I have been appraising personal property for many years.  One of my specialites is helping families determine methods of dividing the assets of family estates.

Please call if you'd like to see how I can help you and your family work through this trying situation.

Please call 502-899-9938 or simply email me at: