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Knife & steel

Years of Experience

In his twenty-plus years of culinary edcation experience, Stephen has conducted programs in subjects as diverse as Tequila: the Flavor of Mexico, Victorian Desserts, Mediterranean Bread Salads and Healthy Cooking of the Grill in venues that have included prisons, factories, trains, boats and planes..  Seminars, lectures, and classes can be ingredient specific, menu driven or technique oriented and/or any combination thereof.  Corporate training classes are a specialty.

The Herbal Interplay

As the HerbMeister, Stephen specializes in classes that focus on herb garden planning, planting, growing, harvesting and/or preserving.  Some favorites are:  Really Using Those Garden Herbs; Southern Flavors in Herb Cookery and Quick & Healthy Herb Cooking for Todays Family.

Learning to Cook & Enjoy It!

Stephen's passion is to teach home chefs to become better cooks.  His goal is to help them learn to enjoy the effort in the process.  His light and entertaining teaching style takes the sting out of cooking, a work some consider pure drudgery.

Discover how a presentation by Stephen can benefit you and your school, group, company or organization.  Use one of the contact methods listed on this website and in no time you and your group will be working with the HerbMeister and ready to COOK & ENJOY IT!